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November 15 2021

My husband and I had just completed a home renovation in which fitted carpeting had been replaced by wood flooring. We wanted to purchase good quality rugs to complete this project. We searched on-line for companies in Ottawa and found the Beckwith Galleries' site very informative, including photos of rugs that appealed to our taste. It was easy to set up an appointment to go to the showroom and we found the range of rugs were of good quality, and as advertised.

The owner, Bernie Teklenburg, was very knowledgeable, took plenty of time to make himself acquainted with our our home (we took photos along with us) our tastes and our budget. He was able to work with us to narrow down options and, most important of all, offered to bring a selection to our home so that we could see how they would look. This made a big difference, since tone, design and colouring were crucial and could not have been properly judged from being seen only in a showroom,

Overall, he was prompt and professional and very pleasant and we are very happy with our experience. Read Less