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Carpet Cleaning

Trust our skilled team to rid your rug of the contaminants (like pet allergens, dander, dirt, and dust mites) that affect its lifespan and your health.


We offer a general hand-cleaning, using fresh water & all natural cleaning products.

The process takes approximately ten to fourteen (10 - 14) days.


Additional Services

• Moth Treatments

• Removal of Pet Urine and Odour

• Specific Stains


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Our Cleaning Process

Step 1 - 2

• Pre-wash Inspection to determine rug quality and overall condition.

• Dye Testing to determine the colour of fastness.

Step 3 - 4

• Power Dusting to get out the loose soil.

• Pre-Treatment for spot removal.

Step 5 - 6

• Hand-Cleaning & Rinsing

• Moisture Removal with wringer.

Step 7

• Drying in a humidity-controlled environment.

Step 8 - 9

• Treatments using anti-microbial enzymes for removal of strong odour.

• Decontamination process disinfects, deodorizes, and sanitizes (the aggressive option when a rug has excessive odour).