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November 16 2021

I was completely/100% happy with my dealings with Beckwith Galleries and the tremendous service they provided. Bernie, and his associate, Doug, were a pleasure to deal with and thoroughly knowledgeable and professional in every way.

Bernie came to my home and gave me a very professional assessment of the damage/wear to my four rugs and was very transparent and pragmatic about the extent of the work and restoration he thought was appropriate, which also kept the cleaning and repair work to a reasonable and realistic cost.

He gave me a well/informed estimate on the spot and took the rugs away that very day. I had them back in much less time than I would have expected, given the scope of the work, and they looked tremendous. The rugs are certainly 60, or more, years old - they have been in our household for about 40 years.

After cleaning and restoration they looked beautiful! The colours had been revived, the pile was springier to the step and the worn edges and fringes were all safely stitched and repaired to ensure no further deterioration.

In addition, Doug also came home and did an excellent/virtually-invisible on-site repair to the border of another rug (which, given its size, was not practical to take out). I am very grateful for Bernie and Doug’s timely and professional service and cannot recommend their work more highly.

Jeffrey Chapman