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When purchasing a rug

  • It should be seen in person, spread out on the floor.

  • Always go to a reputable shop that you can trust.

  • Online shopping is convenient but when it comes to rugs there are many benefits to buying your rug in person.
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Some of the benefits of buying a rug in person

You will be able to assess the colours more accurately in person.

Remember that most rugs will have a light and dark end, depending on the direction of the pile.

If you’re interested in a rug, make sure to view it from both ends.

It is also important to touch and feel a rug.

There are various materials, pile densities and finishes which can affect the feel of a rug.

When purchasing a rug in person, you can touch, feel and compare the various qualities.

Oftentimes, the rug can be taken to your home for approval.

Most reputable shops will offer this service and can bring a few of your favourite options to be seen in your home.

Nowadays, there are many qualities available at more affordable prices, and the consumer should know their options prior to settling on a machine-made rug.

If you’re considering a machine-made rug...

Keep in mind that it should cost next to nothing, as there is no labour required in their production and the fibers are basically poor quality plastic.

Wool is the most common and best material for making rugs.

A hand-knotted wool rug will outlast a machine-made rug by at least 50 years on average.

Choosing the right rug

  • First and foremost, do you like the rug? Is it attractive? Normally, the right rug will stand out to you.

  • Will it harmonize (size, design, colour) with its intended setting?

  • Is it within your intended budget?
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