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When buying a good, quality carpet, you are making an investment.

Whether you purchased for monetary and/or aesthetic reasons,  it is important for you to keep your new carpet looking plush and fresh.

Please consider the following tips

Rotate (replace or turn your carpet)

At least four times a year to distribute the wear on your carpet

Place your rugs and carpets to one side of the room

Avoid putting them in front of high traffic areas, such as doorways.

Carpet protectors, made from heavy woven canvas or plastic strips.

Keep in mind that this method can be a tripping hazard.

Do not walk on your carpets wearing heels

Specifically stilettos, as they can pierce holes in the carpet, causing extreme damage.

Reposition your furniture often

And use castor cups beneath your heavy furniture to avoid permanent indentations from the fiber being crushed.

Antique carpets, more often than not made from wool or silk, are susceptible to insects.

At least twice a year inspect your carpets and rugs thoroughly for holes, webbing, and insect droppings.

Avoid keeping your carpet in direct sunlight.

Sun damage causes fading, premature aging, and can cause the carpet to become lighter in certain areas (particularly when your rug is dyed with natural substances).

If you cannot avoid this

Rotate your rug at least twice a month. This will not stop the fading process but will instead create more even, unvarying colors as it fades.

To straighten tangled fringe

Flip the rug by taking hand of one end of the carpet and walking it over to the other, leaving the rug upside down and the fringe straightened.

Do not brush or comb the fringe if some remain twisted; rather, gently shake the rug.

If any of these problems are found

  • Carefully vacuum both sides of the carpet, using the upholstery attachment with the nozzle covered with a piece of nylon stocking.
  • Repeat once or twice a week for at least six weeks and for safety's sake, inspect other areas of the house.
  • Please read our previous article Cleaning & Care of Your Oriental Rug.

If your carpet has been torn, has holes, or loose fringes, Beckwith Galleries provides quality services to help your carpet look new again!

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